Thursday, November 13, 2014


I put my good mittens (the most-excellent ones that Dad bought for Mom) into the car.  They feel fantastic when the steering wheel is so cold.

Upon the girls' encouragement, I trimmed about an inch of hair off the very middle back of my neck, to even out the look of the short hair.  It does look better now.

Katie cleaned house here last week.  Gary did loads of raking over the weekend but didn't have time to get rid of the leaves.  Today Katie finished raking and dragging leaves over to the garden.  Wow!  What a relief that that's done!

I cleaned out the gutters last weekend.  Funny, for some reason, we didn't get to it last spring.  There were a few teeny-tiny maples that had sprung up from spring's helicopters.  Whew!  I'm glad we didn't leave them there longer -- I hate seeing maples grow out of people's gutters.

Coat needs to go to the dry-cleaner too.  Still covered with last winter's road-salt.  Funny, for some reason, I didn't get that chore done in May either.

Chicken soup is my friend.

Proud, proud, proud of Katie for getting involved with village politics, where a bunch of regular folks are calling out the shenanigans of the village leaders.  She's been to some public meetings, talked, and is circulating petitions.  Proud of her!  And proud of the 100-or-so other folks in the village who are also fed up with government spending and subterfuge.

Upon a friend's reminder of what fish oil can do for joints and nerves, I have been diligently working to remember (and oh!, it's hard to remember) to consume fish oil daily.  I've also been pretty good recently about remembering my pond scum vitaminsArachnoiditis has noticeably improved.  I begin to tentatively hope that maybe, someday, I will actually "get back to normal."  Maybe.

The computer mouse has been acting up recently.  It's annoying, but I haven't done anything to fix it yet.  (What's up with that laziness?!)  Yesterday, the Blue Screen Of Death swooped upon us.  The computer tried its self-repair thingy, and then we attempted going back to a restore-point.  I'm scared that pretty soon it's going to keel over and die-beyond-resuscitation.  But Gary did get the machine turned on last night, and I backed up photos, documents, bookmarks, and email.  That's the critical stuff.

I'm sorting and cleaning out files at church.  Today I think I finished the Scaer files for already-published and yet-to-be-published volumes. 
a)  There's so much stuff I want to nab, curl up with on the couch, and read.
b)  Combine several different editors on the same project, and a variety of different concepts for organizational themes, and it turned out there was LOTS of duplicate material.  The boxes are nicely thinned now without any articles being eliminated. Yee haw -- all the highs of clutter-dumping with none of the worry of "What if I need it later?"

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