Friday, November 14, 2014

People Praying for Me

I phoned the Issues Etc Comment Line today.  Jeff asked my name and my comment.  Just before he put me on hold, he asked where I was calling from.  I told him and then kneaded bread while waiting for my turn on-air.  About a minute before Jeff was ready to put me through, he popped onto the phone to tell me that the break was nearly over and they were about ready to take my call.  And then ...

then he asked me how I was doing and how my health was.

And he told me they'd been praying for me.

I was floored.
Why should he even know me?

I lightly (and quickly) mentioned that I was much improved.  I said I am walking, talking, and DRIVING again. 

People that I've met only a few times, only briefly, and yet they care and they pray on my behalf. 

"The communion of saints."  Sometimes you get a glimpse that you don't normally see, and it blows you away.

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