Saturday, November 15, 2014


Any guesses as to what Matt's doing?  No?  You can't figure it out?  Silly you.  Alia turned him into a Christmas tree.  He's wrapped in green.  He has ornaments and garland.  And he was nice enough to stay there and take it ... until somebody finally "chopped him down" so that he was free.

Hair growth at 27 weeks.  Top still has some curl, but the sides are pretty straight.  The back is wavier than the sides, but not as curly as the top.  I think it still needs to grow more before I get it shaped up by somebody who knows what to do with a grown-from-shaven mess.  Earrings help. 

Visitors at church.  Concordia River Forest students, visiting with the Kapelle.  But what's wild is that they are grandsons of a pastor who preceded Gary at his former congregation.

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