Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Please Be Petty About the Pennies

If you're honest, you point out to the clerk* or the bank teller when you've been given too much change.  But some of us don't want to appear greedy by complaining if we were shorted a dime or a dollar.   Go ahead -- be "greedy" about such things: the bank tellers will be appreciative that you helped them avoid the mistake which would have their drawer out-of-balance at the end of the day.

Footnote: I doubt it is as strict for clerks as it is for bank tellers.  When I worked in stores or restaurants, it wasn't exactly okay but wasn't a humongous deal if your cash register was off by a quarter or a dollar.


  1. That explains why, a few times when I've only had pennies as change, and I said, "You can keep it," they always told me, "Nope! Can't do that."

    I always thought it was weird. I hate carrying a bunch of pennies in my pocket, so I would have considered it a favor for them to keep it.

    But the register being off... that makes sense. Especially if several people do it throughout the day. Your register could be off by a lot!

  2. No! The bank is always correct. The customer is not :)

    Jane S.

  3. Nathan, I think what you're talking about is the reason for the little dishes by cash registers with the "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny" signs. I like those.