Saturday, February 02, 2013

"You Will NOT Believe the Day I Had at Work"

"Bear one another's burdens" really has a lot more to do with forgiving one another's sins than it does with psycho-social "support."  And yet, today I am befuddled as to what people do when they live alone.

It was "one of those days" at work.  Boring and slow for three hours.  And then, wham!  Bam!  Ka-phlooey!  In the midst of the frenzied onslaught rush of the final half-hour, I had two naughty customers, asking for complex and/or not-kosher transactions.

The whole drive home, I was thinking of how Gary wasn't there to TALK TO about it.  I told myself that I shouldn't regale Maggie with all the gory details.  After all, she had to listen to way more than she bargained for when I arrived home from work on Thursday.  But I couldn't help spilling it all onto Maggie.  And then Katie came over to visit, and I rehashed some of it.

Gary comes home from work and often has to spill his day too.

This seems like a normal thing.  But what happens if you go home and there's nobody there to TELL?  Does it sit and eat away at your insides?  Do you phone a friend or your mom?  Do you tell the dog? 

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  1. When I lose my voice, I basically EXPLODE with things I need to talk about. A lot of times I end up on google chat typing to people like mad, but it's still not as good as when Matt gets home and I bounce around him like a golden retriever as I tell him all about my day and ask about his...