Sunday, January 27, 2013


Maggie and I decided to take Gary to Discovery World before our membership runs out.  I love the aquarium there. 

Things I noticed:
~ I hate how tired I get at museums these days.  The kids and I used to enjoy spending a whole long luxurious day at a museum.  Now, two hours and I'm done.
~ When we walked past the heat sensor, my nose was blue.  Seriously?  Maggie's and Gary's noses were, y'know, alive and warm.  My nose showed as blue (thus, COLD) as my glasses.   Gary put his hand on my nose and said, "Oh, wow, your nose IS cold!"  Also, my finger with nerve damage and poor circulation showed bluer than the rest of my fingers.
~ We went in "the Hive" (which shows 3-D images-in-motion of different things) to see the Roman Colosseum.  The narrator explained how, with these computer models, it's better than being there in real life.  The reasoning that a) we can replicate what it was like originally instead of what it is now, and b) we're not adding wear-&-tear to the ruins that remain.  Okay, I see the point.  But c'mon, "better than being there in real life"???
~ I spent more time noticing women's hair styles than I spent investigating science.
~ Children at the museum seem more well-behaved on Saturdays (with their parents) than on weekdays (with their school classes).

While downtown, we used a gift certificate to eat at Buca di Beppo.  Phenomenal food!  What surprised us was the decorating.  So many pictures of Italian guys, singers and ball-players and actors and the pope.  But also photos of women that we were embarrassed to see: boobs, boobs, cleavage, and boobs.  Yikes!  The grievous part of the dining experience was that we left our doggie-bags on the table.  Argh!  That food was so awesome, and we didn't bring the leftovers home.  Woe!

I fell asleep on the couch by 8:00.  When I crawled into bed, I set the alarm for 7:15 "just in case."  I knew I'd be up early.  I wasn't; the alarm woke me.  We had to skip first service and go to late.  Maggie caught the stomach-ick that has been going around; she was up sick through the night and stayed home from church.

As nice as our day together was, I'm thinking that it was more than our bodies were ready to take.

That's pitiful.

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  1. We love Buca, but I know what you mean about the decor, not just the embarrassment factor but the scary (in our case) factor. Last time we were there something spooked Evan--I think it was some sort of wall sculpture--and we had to ask for a different table. Boo-hoo on leaving the food! We have done that more than once.

    Re: stomach ickiness, I saw this in my news feed today:
    I find it incredibly disturbing that according to this article people can be contagious long after they are feeling better. . . .