Wednesday, January 02, 2013

The Trailers at the Movie

I really like living in LalaLand.  I don't want to notice the degradation of society.  I can't change the world.  So I pretend not to notice.

We went to a movie last weekend.  Before it started were ads for five movies.  Every single one of them was twisted.  Every. single. one.   Every one was about the apocalypse.  Or gaining power to take over the world to destroy and conquer.  Witches.  Zombies.  The attempt to annihilate mankind.   Or fighting for survival after everything else has been annihilated.

1)  THAT's what we, as a society, watch for entertainment?  For fun?  Oy!

2)  I couldn't figure out why they would choose those kind of movie trailers to accompany the Hobbit movie.  Well, that should have been a clue as to the action-focus of the movie we were about to see.

PS:  It seems that world domination was often a part of movies from years past [I'm thinking of Lex Luther here], but it was always recognized that Good Guys had to stop the ones who want to take over the world.   I think we've changed: the quest for power (which used to be recognized as bad) is now seen as perfectly acceptable and normal.


  1. The thing I noticed about the trailers for The Hobbit was that they were for decidedly ADULT movies. I was shocked - although I shouldn't have been - that those movies would be previewed at a movie children were attending.

  2. I didn't notice how the movies were rated. I didn't notice the ratings on the trailers either. I was just too shocked at "THIS is what kind of movies make money???"

  3. To be fair, children attend all movies. The trailers for the Hobbit itself made it pretty clear that with the material from the appendices, this was not going to be a kid's movie (no matter what people thought).

    Trailers are often shipped in with the film, and if not, then it's up to the person building the print to pick out trailers, using their best judgement of the movie as it is (not as people wish it were) as well as whatever trailers happen to be in the theater and in the correct aspect ratio. And there have to be at least three trailers on the movie.

    (For me, pulling old trailers and replacing them was the most challenging part of running a projector.)

  4. I agree with you about the quality of movies anymore. Zombie movies give me the willies; but I'm of the original Night of the Living Dead generation, when most of that horror was in the imagination and not sprayed all over the screen. OTOH, this movie really intrigues me. Love makes us human? Interesting way to start a "zombie movie." Not that I'll take my grandchildren!

  5. Did you see the trailer for this one?
    First zombie movie I want to see! Love makes us human? Interesting spin on zombies/human connections/love.