Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Hobbit

And now for something completely different ...

I suspect I may be the only one, but I didn't like the movie.  It was definitely an ACTION movie.  And I don't like action movies.  I'm thinking Anthea will enjoy it.  :-)

The Lord of the Rings had lots of action, lots of battle scenes, ... but it seemed like there was more story than in Hobbit.

Andrew and Maggie told us that it was such a good film that Gary and I would have no problem staying awake to the end of the show, even if we attended a 7:00 movie.  (Yes.  I know that makes us sound like old fuddy-duddies who go to bed ridiculously early.  So ... sometimes the truth hurts.  And embarrasses.)  Even though we went to a 3:30 showing, I was bored 3/4 of the way in, and forcing myself to stay awake.  All that slashing, fighting, lopping off heads, running, stabbing, and more escaping -- it was getting old.

That said, the arkenstone was magnificent, as was much of the scenery.  Bilbo was marvelously cast and played, as perfect as Samwise in the LotR.   I still love Gandalf.  The dwarves' singing (particularly the night in the Shire before they headed off on their quest) sends shivers down the spine.  And I tried to convince my mathematical brain to enjoy some of the escape scenes, where the choreography reminded me of complex Rube Goldberg machines.

So there were bright spots.  But I have no desire to head back to the theatre for another showing, and I doubt I'll be talked into seeing Part 2 and Part 3.



  1. I almost fell asleep, too! Caitlin and I both got bored with the action sequences. And the consensus in our whole group was that the best part of the movie was the beginning, before they started their journey. That's the part I would watch again for the interplay of the characters. The rest, no. I will go to the other movies if it's with my kids. On my own, no. But then I've never been a huge LoRT fan. Never read the trilogy, only The Hobbit (recently, and loved it). Never saw any of the other movies all the way through, only pieces here and there (they were watched on DVD in our house when Evan was much younger and you know how that goes).

  2. Darn...just lost my comment.

    We went to the 4:20 showing and I found myself nodding off. I was shocked. That doesn't ever happen to me. I was not happy with the changes Jackson made to make it more of an "action" movie. I didn't have a problem with him including some of the back story from the appendices but he went way beyond that and changed more than he should have.

    It probably didn't help that I had just listened to the book on Audible and am currently reading Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" by Corey Olsen. Good book.

  3. Certain kids of mine know a lot more about Tolkien than I do. So I'm clueless as to whether the back story is faithful to the books or somewhat inventive. (Shhhh -- I don't really care enough to be a purist with regard to this story.)

    Almost everybody that I've talked to (or seen comment online) has loved it. And I'm happy for them to be SO super-duper excited and dyin' to go back and see it again. But I just don't care for action movies. And this was definitely exuding action action action.

  4. See? I don't even know how to abbreviate it correctly. :-)

  5. Funny. I hadn't even noticed! (And you know me: I tend to notice proofreading stuff.)

  6. I have heard that the back-story included is accurate.


    That back story is not in The Hobbit. It's in the Silmarillion and other books. It's not part of The Hobbit.

    And that bugs me.

    I probably will not see it, mostly due to lack of opportunity. I am curious about it, and I suspect, that like the LOTR movies, I would enjoy seeing it once. (But would not bother seeing it over and over again.)

  7. My goodness! How am I so far behind on your blog?! Even tonight, I'm still skipping along just trying to cover the bases.

    Anyways, my thoughts on The Hobbit were it was too much of an action movie and not as much of an *adventure*. It was exactly the same as LotR (which you know I LOVE!), but it's not meant to be that way and so lost the entire nature of the story. So... like you, I wasn't inclined to watch it again or buy it. I loved revisiting Middle Earth and how consistent and beautiful it was visually, but by the giant goblin battle I was done! (and then there was more fighting....*shaking my head*)