Saturday, June 16, 2012

Under the Tuscan Sun

What a waste of a Friday evening!

A romantic comedy.  Set in Italy.  I wanted to see it years ago when it came out.  I kept wanting to see it.  We finally got around to watching it.

We shouldn't have.

The plot involved divorce and gays and fornicating teens.  There was more sex, foul language, and nudity than I expected in a PG-13 movie.  The "message" in the film came from the character who was a hedonistic actress.

And this was billed as an inspiring, uplifting, feel-good movie?


  1. The one thing that movie has going for it is the stunning scenery.

  2. Yes. That's what drew us to it. My favorite genre is romantic comedy. And to see the food and landscapes and seascapes.... beautiful!

    But I wish I hadn't bothered.