Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trust Not in Princes

On Wednesday I kept finding myself singing The Election Song.  "Trust not in princes they are but mortal.  Earthborn they are and soon decay....  Since then no man can help afford, trust ye in Christ, our God and Lord"  (TLH 26).  I would stop myself and think, "Wait.  My guy won.  This song isn't right for today.  This is the hymn you sing when your guy loses.  What should I sing instead?  Maybe the te Deum?"

But you know what?  Even when my guy loses, it's right to sing "We praise Thee, O God.  We acknowledge Thee to be the Lord ...."  And when when my guy wins, it's right to sing, "Trust not in princes ...."  Because the Lord knows what He's doing, regardless of who wins an election. 

Nevertheless, I still want to do the Happy Dance when think of Tuesday night's election results.

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