Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is the Weekend Of The Crazy.  Andrew's done with spring semester except for one final on Monday.  Prom is this weekend, so that means Maggie & Andrew at a party last night, Bryce here for the weekend, and Andrew at the dance tonight.

Katie and family moved this week, and I have done nothing to help.  Well, ... other than watch the girls on Thursday.  That was a fun day.

Maggie worked at the fish fry at church last night, attended the concert, spent the night with Olivia, and helped with church's clean-up day this morning.

Gary substitute preaches at one church tonight and at a different church tomorrow (both a 40-minute drive away).

It's museum-swap weekend, which means we can get in free to a museum we want to visit but don't have a museum membership for.  We really should go.  I really want to go.  But I don't function well when I try to squeeze in too many activities.

Monday Maggie and I are set up to visit the local high school, just to get a feel for it, in case we find their IEP* offer sounds like it would be necessary.

I need to go dig in the garden so the tomatoes can get started on their growing.  (But there's schoolwork, and housecleaning, and goofing off on the computer....)

*IEP = Individualized Educational Program

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