Sunday, May 13, 2012

Devotional Materials versus The Bible

Maybe you've heard it too.  In my past, authorities would often say that we should focus on the Bible.  They didn't say it was wrong to use devotional writings, but that the Bible was what was important.   And they've certainly got a point.

But if Jesus says that it's important not only that He suffer, die, and rise again, but also that this be preached (Luke 24), maybe that's part of the point of devotional writings.   For example, there are sections of Luther in his Galatians commentary, or pages of Day by Day, which are sweet as can be!  And these passages take Scripture and expound upon it, driving home the "for you" nature of what's in the Bible. 

These writings aren't "versus" Bible-reading, no matter what that Sunday School teacher told me way-back-when.

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