Sunday, April 22, 2012


What's up with the ghost stories?  Several of my co-workers are interested in ghosts.  One went haunted-house hunting.  They read books about ghosts.  They watch tv shows about ghost-hunting.  The other day they were talking about the shows, explaining to me what happens on the shows, and how some really freaky things are found now and then.  One of the gals asked, "Wait.  Does this talking about ghosts scare you?  Should we change the subject?" 

No.  Ghosts don't scare me.  I am a baptized child of God.  Death and Satan no longer have dominion over me.  Besides, dead people are dead, in heaven or in hell; they aren't hanging around here. 

What scares me is the fascination that this society has with demons. 

Young people today seem to have a sense of "spirituality," knowing that there's more to life than skeptics and materialists can see.  But their curiosity is leading them to demons-pretending-to-be-ghosts.  The "normalness" of this curiosity is way scarier than ghosts.

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  1. >But their curiosity is leading them
    >to demons-pretending-to-be-ghosts.

    Yes. This is one place where I think some other denominations "get it" better than Lutherans do. We ought not see demons where there are none (Harry Potter, et al) but neither should be blithely assume that such things are not active and working in our world.