Friday, April 20, 2012

Luke 24:8

The question was posed tonight: "Why was it the women and not the apostles who first saw the resurrected Lord?"

Several answers --all of them true-- were proffered.   One person gave a theological answer.  One gave a practical answer about the women's loyalty to do what needed to be done (anointing the body).  Another gave a practical answer about the men's hiding in fear, so that meant the women would of course see Him first since they were the only ones out. 

But Pastor suggested an answer which I found hilarious in its sheer truthfulness. 

Luke tells us that the women "remembered His words."  Women do indeed have a tendency to remember what someone said, where he was standing when he said it, what tone of voice he said it in, and what else was going on when he said it.  Women remember details and love to talk talk talk, hash it all out, and talk about it some more.  Men say, "Huh?" 

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