Thursday, December 22, 2011


Usually --but not always-- the winter solstice (the "Official First Day of Winter") lands on December 21. My 2011 calendar says that winter begins on Wednesday the 21st. This morning in chapel, the headmaster pointed out that today (Thursday the 22nd) was the first day of winter.


So I did a little checking. Turns out that solstice was last night at 11:30 pm our time, but 12:30 am Eastern time. Thus is explained the discrepancy in dates; those who control the media in the country are mostly in the Eastern time zone.

Either way, we've turned the corner in the solar system and are on our way to more sunlight!


  1. More sun, hooray!
    I do find it interesting, though, that so many things (in our country) time-wise are based on Eastern time when Central or Mountain would make more sense.

  2. Jenny has pointed this out numerous times. We get 14" of snow on Good Friday, and it doesn't make the radar of news outside the local station. But New York or DC gets 4" in January (a totally normal time) and you'd think the world was about to end.

  3. Thanks be to God! More light!