Friday, December 23, 2011

Ashamed of the Presents?

Why is it that I can go to a nice resale shop and find all sorts of very nice things that I'm thrilled to buy for Christmas presents ... and then later start having misgivings about making a present out of something used?

When the kids were little, it didn't faze me in the least. At least, not for the toys or clothes or books that were going to stay in our house. But now that there are family members to whom I did not give birth, I wonder what they'll think. I can give myself the speech that it's okay; I can give myself the speech that this is simply how we live and what we can afford; I can give myself the speech that Christmas is over-commercialized. And yet, there is a smidge of shame that lurks in my heart over the resale-shop presents.


  1. I thought about doing this...I would see awesome deals at the thrift store and it would be so much fun...but I didn't think my crew would go for it. (Which is funny because we shop at them frequently.) That being said...I know we do not spend as much as many people might spend on presents. My limit per person has been the same for many years. I did go to the thrift store to shop for Ben's sister and her 5 children (and fiance'). I bought a nice outfit for each child, a shirt for the fiance', a small stuffed animal and a book for each child, a Christmas bear, pillow, and basket for Lupe....and it cost me $34.00. It was amazing and she was very thankful. I think living within your means is hugely important...and reusing is so "green" and that should be celebrated! ;) Don't be ashamed.

  2. My sister has given our daughter clothes from thrift shops as gifts without shame. My daughter loves them all the more because of the work that went into finding them and the satisfaction of rescuing something/not wasting. Seriously. She also shops heavily at thrift shops. The only reason we don't give her gifts from thrift shops is that we have no taste. My sister and daughter are more into fashion.

    I also find something very satisfying in "not wasting." Seriously. I wouldn't be ashamed. I like getting them and I've given them without shame also.

  3. A gift that is thoughtfully chosen for someone, no matter the source, is better than any-old-thing pulled off the endcap at Walmart.

    I feel shame when someone spends too much on a gift for me. Especially if I know they're tight on money, I'd rather they found something within their means.

  4. Thanks, Laura and Dave! And EC, you make a good point about how the receiver might feel when too much was spent.