Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's bad enough that I have had to avoid milk for the last couple of years. No cold milk with warm cookies. A pot of coffee to go with cookies or coffeecake might be good, but not nearly as fantastic as cold milk alongside warm baked goods.

But now it's looking like cheese might be a problem too. I've had to give up potato soup and clam chowder and sausage-gravy with biscuits. But pizza? Cheese-and-tomato sandwiches? Nachos? Pizza lentils? Cheese & salami & crackers?

Please, NOooooooooo.....

We're due to go out for pizza at Tony's on Thursday night. I hope -- I hope -- I hope -- I hope I feel okay on Friday morning!


  1. You adjust and find new lovely things to eat, but that doesn't mean the cravings go away.

  2. Excuse me, but I like to indulge my cravings.

  3. I do too, but I have found new things to crave like pumpkin pancakes.

  4. Yeah, the cravings don't go away, I miss milk w/ baked goods, too, and now that it doesn't bother Little Miss anymore, I do indulge in pizza once in a while, and deal with the consequences. We had pumpkin pancakes this morning, made with pumpkin from the farmers' market and apple juice Sean helped press. :-)