Sunday, May 08, 2011

Today's Laugh

A genie offers the man whatever he might wish for. Anything at all! Whatever he wants!

The man says that, if he could have anything his heart desired, he would love to ride his Harley all the way to Hawaii.

"Hawaii?" asks the genie. "That's a pretty selfish wish. It would be a very long bridge; the supports would have to all the way to the ocean floor. Storms would endanger the bridge. Fulfilling your wish would be virtually impossible."

The man recognized the wisdom of the genie's complaint. So he decided to make a different wish. "Genie, I changed my mind. Instead, I want to be able to understand my wife. I want to understand what she's saying. I want to understand her feelings. I want to rightly interpret her facial expressions and tone of voice."

The genie thought for a few moments. Then he responded, "So did you want one lane or two?"

Joke picked up during last Thursday's Bible class.

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