Saturday, May 14, 2011

Good Tweezers

After a drenching rain on Wednesday, the dandelions were coming out by their roots! They weren't just breaking off like normal. I spent a few hours on Thursday getting my feet and knees muddy while I rescued strawberries and raspberries from their dandelion-invaders.

But raspberries have thorns. So do thistles. During the night, I kept awaking to notice a pain in one toe. Sure enough, when daylight came I could see the tiny sliver under my skin.

We used to have a cheap pair of tweezers. They couldn't pull ANYthing out. A couple of years ago, Gary finally popped a wad o' money on a pair of high-quality tweezers. And you know what? They actually work! Nasty little sliver eliminated quick as a wink. Hooray!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I used to have a good pair of tweezers. It was in a set my mom gave me many years ago--can't remember exactly when, but it was in high school or college. Sometime in the last year those tweezers went missing. :-( I have bought several replacements but none of them are worth anything. I will check into these!