Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Report

What with persistent rain and cold, I haven't really been able to get outside to work much. Today I took a couple of hours to hit the garden.

Dug up and fluffed one raised bed.
Planted lettuce, spinach, beets, cilantro, and basil in it.
Discovered spinach coming up that somehow lived through the winter or seeded itself.
Same for some cilantro.
Dug a lot of dandelions out of the garden, particularly where they were amongst the precious baby cilantro plants.
Rotten rabbits and/or blasted deer have been nibbling on my perennial onions.

The small cherry tree has a few blooms. Lilacs and the big cherry tree, though, still have a long way to go before they flower. Apple trees are just beginning to grow; I'll need to prune soon. Grape vines still look dead, but should start to show signs of life soon.

Gary has cut asparagus several times. We've eaten two small batches.
Maggie cut some tulips and brought them inside for the cheery sight and the lovely perfume.

Next job will be to rake the maple leaves and other fall/winter yuckies out of the strawberry patch. After that will be some shoveling or tilling in the other beds, in hopes that someday it will be warm enough to plant tomatoes. After that, a good job weeding around the berry canes.

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  1. I thought you wrote "dug up and fluffed one raisin bed". I couldn't figure out why you were trying to GROW raisins. I don't know much about gardening, but I do know that raisins (according to the raisin box) are just grapes and sunshine. :)