Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Tired

Who ever thought caulking could be so exhausting? After six tubes of driveway caulk in two days, my hands are sore. I have dropped things because my grip is just too tired to hang on.

Granted, I was out late at a super-exciting ball game last night. But I'm more tired than I can account for. I think these repairs on the driveway require more physical energy than I have to give! I washed the driveway this morning and was all ready to head to the hardware store for asphalt and for another gallon of liquid sealant, when I thought to check the weather. 40% chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and again this evening. And 50% chance of rain overnight on Sunday. Do I risk it?

Gary said that if I fail to water the garden this afternoon, anticipating rain, the rain will not come. Murphy's law, y'know. Then I could do more driveway patching and not have the repairs rained upon. Sounds like a good plan in theory, but I don't trust it.

So I'm looking at the to-do list since I'm not working on the driveway. Everything on the list takes more strength than I've got right now. House cleaning? Nah, too tired. Moving furniture? Nope. Shampooing a couch? Nope. More weeding in the garden. Nope. How about running the lawn mower before the rain comes? Yuck -- but it's still on my list to consider. Cooking for company tomorrow? Not too tiring, but it would require heat -- inside the house. Hmmmm.

Goofing off on the computer? Now, I do have energy for that.

(What's really disappointing is that I'll have to wash the driveway again once I think the weather forecast looks like we'll have a good 24 hours with no chance of rain. Just the thought of hauling the hose from the garden, across the deck, through the garage, and out to the front again makes me want to collapse.)

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