Thursday, July 08, 2010

Not a Pastry Bag (but almost)

Running the caulk gun along those little wiggly cracks near the edge of the driveway made me realize that cake-decorating may be a useful training-tool for household maintenance.

I learned today that I much prefer the "pourable driveway crack filler" to the asphalt caulk. The pourable filler is much easier to use and doesn't leave lumpy lines. Of course, the pourable stuff is much thinner and needs to be applied twice (or thrice -- or more) unless the crack is teeny. But it's easier, cheaper, and gives better results.

I wonder when I will learn that a whole day outside, in the garden, or patching driveway cracks, will result in sunburned shoulders and back? I know it, but I still haven't learned it. Aloe to the rescue!

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