Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mark Neumann

Great quote* from Charlie this morning --

Mark Neumann can achieve a victory for Tom Barrett, but he cannot at this point achieve victory for Mark Neumann.

For non-Wisconsinites, in the primary for governor, a fiscally-sound and wildly popular Republican is running against a former Congressman. I used to respect Mark Neumann, who was once my Congressman. But in the race for governor, I have been shocked at the public sins I have seen in this Lutheran man. Every day Neumann continues in the race, every commercial that is aired, is helping the big-govt-Democrat's campaign and hurting our chances of putting Scott Walker in charge of the state's budget. Look what he's managed for Milwaukee County's budget!! I want Scott Walker taking the helm of Wisconsin.

* At least, I think this was the line. I heard it in the car while running errands. If this wasn't the exact wording, it's fairly close.


  1. Whoa. Seeing where I'm getting hits from today, I figure I just want to say this about "public sins." As far as I know, Mark Neumann has led an exemplary life with regard to the 4th-7th commandments. But ... God also gave us the 8th and 9th. And then there's also the kind of love and service-to-the-neighbor to which we are called in the Table of Duties. When a candidate says things like "It's my turn," a person wonders whether he's in the race for himself or for the people he will be serving. When a candidate tries to score points by taking his opponent's words out of context, or by using guilt-by-association to imply that Walker was responsible for something that was another official's jurisdiction, the voters wonder about honesty and integrity.

    It's time for Neumann to step out of the race and let Walker's attention be focused on defeating Barrett instead of duking it out for the primary.

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  3. I'm deleting the anonymous comment. If the commenter would care to identify himself, I can repost the comment and respond to it.

    Usually, the only anonymous comments I allow on my blog are from people like my mom, who shows up as anonymous to y'all, but isn't actually anonymous to me.