Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Cup of Tea, Perhaps?

We drink water.

There's milk in the house: for cooking, to pour on your granola, about a cup a day for the kids to drink, and for those rare treats when there are cookies. But we see it as a liquid food, not a beverage. Same for fruit juice when we have it.

Maybe once a week we'll break out a beer. Maybe every 4-6 weeks we'll put on a pot of coffee. (Philip makes coffee here more than we do, and he doesn't even live here. LOL.) All my rabid tea-drinking children have grown up, so we're no longer burning through that. (Rachel could go through a 20-bag box in a week by herself.) Kombucha is here, but I see that more as medicinal than as a beverage: probiotics, enzymes, helping the digestion and the immune system, etc.

No kool-aid, no pop, no gatorade. Seldom lemonade. We have made a pitcher of iced tea probably four times in the last month. On the hot days, when we have to be working outside in the sun, the iced tea is refreshing and cooling and spirit-energizing in a way that water is not. ("Oooooh, looky, I get to reward myself for mowing!")

Yesterday my friend Julie stopped by to drop off an item. Her daughter and Maggie headed off to chat a bit, so I offered Julie a glass of water and we sat down to chat so the girls could have some time. Had a great time visiting!

A few hours later I realized that it's probably not very hospitable to offer a glass of water. Better to offer guests a pop or a lemonade or a tall glass of mint tea. But it never crossed my mind. We don't have those things at hand, and we seldom drink them, so I offered what we had. And you know what's so cool? I didn't feel awkward (at least, not at the time) and I'm pretty sure Julie didn't think anything of it. It's so good to have friends who are that comfortable and loving!


  1. We're the same way here. I usually have a pot of coffee on, but it's usually decaf.

    I'm so thankful for friends who drop by for the company, not the beverage.

  2. I've been going through nearly a gallon of decaf iced tea a day, in addition to my morning cup of Christmas tea (which is almost gone, and the only caffeine I've had in two weeks- yes, I've been drinking hot tea every morning even though it's been 95-100).

    The water here tastes like a swimming pool unless it's allowed to sit overnight, so I hate it. That's the main reason I've been working on putting less and less sugar in my tea. It needs to be a beverage, not my caloric intake for the day...

  3. Haha! Glad I'm not the only one who can only offer guests a glass of water because that's all there is.

    Rachel, have you tried using a Pur water filter that goes on the faucet? We use those because our tap water tastes like dirt. We're not picky about water at all are used to drinking it from the tap, but our current apartment has nasty water. I wonder if it's because we live so close to the ocean? Anyway, the Pur water filters are great and a whole lot cheaper than buying bottled water.

  4. "It's so good to have friends who are that comfortable and loving!"


    At our house there is coffee in the morning. There are tea bags in the cupboard, but we don't drink tea much. Do tea bags get stale, or can I keep them indefinitely?

    We always have milk and juice. But they're for mealtime. Between meals is water. No colored sugar water. I buy pop rarely, when there's company or we're having a party. Then it might be around a little while after the company leaves or the party is over. Then it's gone and there's not anymore for a long, long time.

    I did not grow up drinking water. I'm so glad my kids do.

    And have you noticed how much you can save when eating out if you pass on all the drinks and just ask for water?

  5. Rachel, I was going to suggest saving up for a reverse osmosis system. You can take them with you when you move, y'know. But Meghan suggested a better solution.