Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today's Laugh

A farmer saw a huge campaign bus go by his corn field. Just as it went out of sight, he heard a huge crash and the bus hit a big oak tree. The farmer dashed down to the carnage and figured he would clean up the site. He buried all the dead politicians in a big hole beside the road.

When the bus failed to show up at its destination, a state police officer followed the bus's route. Subsequently the officer found the bus and the gravesite.

The farmer ambled out and told the officer how he heard the crash and thought it would be helpful to bury all the dead politicians. The state patrolman asked in astonishment, "Were they all dead? Everyone was dead??"

The farmer assured him, "Yeah, there were a lot of dead ones. There were also a few that claimed they were not dead, but you know how politicians lie."

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