Thursday, June 17, 2010

Need More School?

Oh no!
Test scores are falling!
American children score near the bottom of the heap in _________!
Drop-out rates are climbing!
The sky is falling!

I know. Here's what we'll do. We're obviously not teaching them enough. So longer school days! More school days! Start 'em at 5 instead of 6! No, wait -- start the kids at 4 instead of 5. No wait -- maybe they should start at age 3...

Barbara writes briefly about the news of what happened in some school districts where they decided to have four-day weeks instead of five-day weeks.

Homeschoolers are not surprised.

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  1. Our smaller rural schools all over E. OR. are and have been four day schools for years now...perhaps 15 years... I don't know if there are better grades, but they do save on winter heating costs.