Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've been considering taking a class at the local tech school on running a small business. I have several ideas, and I could begin to implement one or more of them easily enough -- were it not for government regulations out the wazoo. Hence the class. Not to learn about running a business, but about staying out of trouble with the government bureaucrats as I operate a business.

So yesterday I'm bouncing around the website for our tech school's Small Business Center and the links they have to the Small Business Administration. This is scary. The laws. The regulations. The need for insurance. The need for permits. The need for licenses. The taxes. The laws, the laws, the laws.

I burst out laughing at the claims that the government wants to provide incentives to small business owners, that they want to encourage entrepreneurs who will be creating new jobs.

They must not have taken a look at their own website.

There is nothing there but discouragement! The risks of starting a business are great enough without the government being the primary foe of the new business.

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  1. Oh, Susan - I hope you go for it! Don't let the regulations get in the way of doing something really cool!