Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yo-Yos and Environmentalism

Wisconsin television stations were recently scammed. Or duped. Or made a less-than-wise programming decision. A guy named Kenny purportedly preaches a message of environmentalism, using yo-yos and humor to reach kids. Several stations invited him on-air. The segments got weird. (You can see the exposé here, but you probably want to close the window on the ads partially covering the screen.)

I honestly don't care diddly about the so-called scam or who Kenny really is. What should be surprising (but unfortunately isn't) was that more than one station invited this man to be on live tv. They didn't check into his background. They didn't verify facts. His claim that he spoke about environmental issues was enough for them to usher him right onto the stage and stick a microphone in front of him.

And the mainstream media wonder why the public is looking for alternative news sources on the internet?? The ratings on TV news is dropping?? Hello!

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