Friday, April 23, 2010

How Vain Am I?

Ten weeks ago I got a haircut. I liked it enough to want to keep it that length. I should've had it cut 2-4 weeks ago. I don't want to spend the money or take the time to go to a salon.

Rachel has cut my hair in the past. But she's going to be moving, so I can't depend on her to give me bimonthly haircuts.

Do I trust my husband to do it? He would be the obvious choice; he'll be sticking around for a few years, y'know.

What if he botches it? Does he trust me to forgive him if he makes me look like a complete weirdo? Do I trust me to forgive him if he butchers my hair? Hmmm. This could get dicey.

But I betcha he can do it.

(It's amazing to think that anybody who looks as frumpy as I do could even care about an imperfect "learner's permit" haircutting job. It's simply not logical.)

Next question: If I talk myself into having Gary cut my hair, can I talk him into doing it?


  1. Sounds like what you need is a Flowbee.

  2. Hey, if I can cut a 1-year-old's hair, Gary can cut yours!

  3. Chris, I looked online at a Flowbee. It looks like a Wahl's buzzer with a vacuum attached. I have a buzzer, and do the rest of the family's hair.

    Meghan, Andrew volunteered. If he can do it, maybe he can teach Gary for future years. Maybe???

    You know what's a great hint for trimming little girl's bangs while they're wiggling? I take a piece of scotch tape, and tape down the bangs onto their forehead. It gives you a straight line to follow while snipping. When she wiggles, you let her, and snip again 10 seconds later. And the hair doesn't fall into her eyes because the tape is holding it until you're done with the bangs, when you peel it all off at once. Really easy!

  4. Chris was teasing. DO NOT get a Flowbee.

    There is a local woman (who used to be a memeber of Peace--dont ask why she isn't anymore) who will come to your home and cut your hair. $12. She cuts mine, and my daughter's, and my mom's and grandma's. I like her. You can email me if you are interested.

  5. I still don't know what a Flowbee is. :-) So it's okay -- I won't get one.

    Thanks for the offer of a name & recommendation. But Andrew cut my hair yesterday morning, and it's really pretty okay. Hot diggety dog!