Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Quarry Coffee

Gary took today off work because he needed to take care of some business at one of those government departments where the wait is usually 2-3 hours around here. (He drove to Elkhorn and took care of the renewal there. Quicker to drive than to stand in line in Milwaukee or Waukesha. And he fetched my piggy from the butcher.) He also wanted to attend the pollworker training that our township conducted this afternoon. We did go on a "date" for the training of how to set up the voting machines. I can't believe how humongous the instruction guide is for how to deal with various situations that will arise on election day!

We started the day with a breakfast date at Quarry Coffee. Our friend Randy took Gary there a couple of weeks ago, and Gary was so impressed that he wanted to take me. (Actually, he wanted to introduce me to baked oatmeal so that I could make some at home; the date was just the excuse. Lucky for me that Erin has a recipe for baked oatmeal.)

Quarry Coffee is a lovely little place. With real food. And a great atmosphere. I kept thinking, "This is the kind of restaurant I want to have." Someday. In my dreams. Either when the government cuts back on the hoop-jumping, or when I resign myself to jumping through a gazillion hoops. I would love to have a restaurant like that: a limited menu that has a bit of variety each day, quality ingredients, and a warm & friendly ambiance. Ah, dreaming ....


  1. Had the same dream - just ask my kids! Early morning hours, good coffee, tasty homemade treats, home for dinner with the family, not open Sunday. Yup. I live it in my head :) For now, I have part of the dream - I work at a bakery!

  2. When we lived in Door County, my dd worked at a place like that (cute little coffee shop with sandwiches and baked goods) and she still hopes to have a place of her own someday. Their organic food did very, very well as I recall. Hang on to your dream :)