Friday, March 05, 2010

New Altar Arriving

Do you remember what it was like when you were little and just couldn't wait for Christmas to arrive so you could open your wonderful, awesome, totally great, beautiful, fantastic presents?

Like Pastor said Wednesday night at choir practice, it felt like Christmas Eve. The new chancel furnishings were due to arrive Thursday morning after Bible class.

Mark and Jim putting the new cabinet into place under the old altar, which stands against the back wall.

Jim, who did a lot of the work on the chancel renovations last spring. (Maybe his wife or daughters will provide some input as to what he helped with on the furnishings.)

The new pulpit.

Mark and Jim carry in the base of the new altar.

Al, Pastor, Mark, and Jim putting the altar into place.

Quite the crowd stayed to watch after Bible class. The excitement and the awe was sure something! Here we have Judy and Bonnie (with Ralph, Kurt, and Frederick the Wise in the background).

And here we have Judy, Erma, Guenther, Shirley, Luise, Bernice, Jim, and Ed.

By the way, just for the record, I'd like to point out something. All y'all who buy CCA materials, take a look at these pictures. These are the folks who collate and bind your books. Some publishing houses have machines to assemble their materials. But we have this crew of saints who do an awful lot of the work by hand, fueled by coffee and laughter and Marcie's baked goods.

Adjusting something for leveling.

Janelle and Marcie. (Aren't they just SO darn cute??)

Andrew, Leah, Maggie, and Bryce.

Kara, looking more serious and ponderous than you normally see her. Maybe it's time for a serious caption, like "Jesus, I will ponder now on Thy holy passion... Grant that I in love and faith may the image cherish of Thy suffering, pain, and death, that I may not perish."

Kara, Kathy, and Jeannine.

And, for the craftsmen...
applause and thanks and
awe-struck dropped jaws and gratitude
(and whatever other words a thesaurus might supply for "thanks") ...
Allan the master, and Mark who helped.


  1. Very Nice! We will get to see them in person at CCA this year! How cool is that?!

  2. Is it sad that I want to visit WI again to see Peace just a little bit more than to visit you guys, now?

    I mean - WOW. That is insanely awesome.

    Also, that wasn't meant as a slight or anything. :) Seeing you guys again would be enough for a visit! I just want to go up all that much MORE, now.

  3. Insanely awesome is right! Yesterday I had to take a table back to Mrs Hughes' classroom. When I came around the corner in the school, the image of the Lamb at the other end of the building blew me away. But I figured it was just me, loving these things too much, falling all to mushy pieces. Then today Mrs May said the same thing: she came around the corner in the school and saw the altar and was wow-ed. The Lamb is breath-taking, not just up close, not just in the nave, but in the narthex and even in the school.

  4. I'm sure that my dad *loved* getting his picture taken while his was working. :)

    Great pictures.

  5. Try again.

    ...while he was working.

  6. I'm SO behind on your blog. Pathetically lost on updating mine. I miss being online at home... *sniffle*

    BUT! I just realized from this post that I can go to the CCA Symposium this year!! YAY!!!