Thursday, February 25, 2010


Why is it that I hate using that last of something?

It doesn't bother me to use hamburger and rice and canned tomatoes freely. I'm fine with getting out plenty of potatoes or tuna or pasta. But using the ONE salmon steak in the freezer? Eeek. Opening those precious jars of chicken meat that came from Katie's pantry? Well, well, ... I might need those later. I can use lettuce freely in summer when I can get gobs from the garden, but using lettuce at this time of year means that it will be gone from the fridge, and there wouldn't be any if I want some tomorrow on my sandwich.

So if there's just a little, I don't touch it. And risk letting it go bad. How dumb is that?


  1. So totally understand. I was freakin out the other day about getting so low on my strawberry jam and whole berries. Then I realized - well duh of course I should be getting low, it is getting close to time for the new harvest and new batches, I freeze it to use it! I really need to learn this lesson too!

  2. Lettuce. She said lettuce. ::drools::

  3. Use it and enjoy it! We should relish the fruits of our labor - after all, you took the time during the summer to remember how much you would appreciate the glorious taste during the long, cold winter. Of course that doesn't apply to lettuce...that doesn't fare so well in jars or the freezer.