Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Mag mentioned last night wanting to learn to sew. I wasn't sure whether to start with the machine or hand-sewing.
Last night while we read Betsy-Tacy, she embroidered a simple heart on some scrap cloth and did an awesome job! Today we downloaded a simple coloring-book picture of a bird on the branch of a cherry tree, traced it onto a piece of scrap cloth, and she's outlining it in appropriate colors.

We're going to need to buy more colors of thread or floss. Pretty quickly she's going to run through what little I have. Nifty, eh?


  1. IF, and that is IF, you come for the funeral, let me give Maggie my 13 x 9 box of floss. It would love to have a home someplace other than under the loveseat!

  2. My favorite pastime is to embroider. I can take it anywhere, and it passes time quickly. Very relaxing too! I am doing some kitchen towels for Lynea right now. I stamp them with Aunt Martha's iron on stamps and go to town! If you have Hobby Lobby there, they have the stamps and the towels.

  3. Thanks, Debbie! I know I've seen a Hobby Lobby. At the moment, I can't quite place where it is, but they're around.

  4. Mom, I doubt I'll be coming for the funeral. For one thing, braces appts start on Monday. The other thing is fear of how my body would react. I had problems with my legs last week. I didn't go with Gary today when he went down for his dad's 90th birthday. But my legs are doing better, so let me know when the funeral is, just in case, okay?

    However, next time we come to visit, if Maggie is still interested, maybe she could take that floss off your hands. I have to look through some of the other craft kits that we still have in the basement. There is a loom, and a pottery wheel, a small basket-weaving kit, some cross-stitch, etc. Maggie is getting to where she might have fun with these now, where before she had NO interest whatsoever.