Sunday, February 21, 2010

Biblical Redundancy

My friend Steve told me once about the Department of Redundancy Department, augmented by the Department of Multivalence Bureau. My pastor (a son of Stephen) talks about how important it is for pastors to be redundant and to repeat themselves and to be redundant.

Okay, but still... Psalm 14 and Psalm 53 are the same thing. It seems pretty weird to me. Why put two of the same hymns in your hymnbook? Wouldn't you like to know what was up with Asaph and his hymnal committee?

And now that we're studying Micah on Thursday mornings, I keep getting jolted by how much Micah sounds like Isaiah. Well, now, they were contemporaries. They must have been going to the same symposia and were probably talking theology at the local Starbucks or pub. Reading Micah (and hearing Isaiah) is almost like listening to some of my pastor-friends and how they all sounds alike.

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  1. A certain amount of redundancy was also emphasis in that... writing style, I suppose. They didn't use exclamation marks or adverbs the way we do.