Friday, November 13, 2009


The trees in the yard are done dropping their leaves. Andrew cleaned the gutters this week.

I've gotten to where I hate going out at night. The days are short. I want to be in the house with too many lights turned on. Driving around for errands in the evening is just so .... dark.

My mom was planning to come visit next week. But the person she was riding with had a change of plans. Sadness. Oh well, another time.

Katie and Alia are coming to visit for a few days at New Year's.

We attended "The Complete Works of Shakespeare -- Abridged" this evening at the Lutheran high school. Funny! Silly! Lots of laughs! The friends we went to see were some of the best in the play.

Maggie finished a math workbook today. It's for the first semester of third grade, and it's information we covered in other textbooks. So this was review and extra drill work. But she seems able now to do problems like 63+19 or 63-19 in her head. And she scored a 90% on her test at the end of the book. Yippee!

The folks at Gary's work have been telling him since he started that he needs to watch The Office. He started watching old episodes in the last week or so. They are hilarious! How can anybody be as self-consumed as the boss in the show? And how come we find it funny? But we do.

Didn't feel so great last weekend. Not sick. But didn't feel like eating, and slept a lot. Much better now, but still not back to the momentum I had there for most of fall.

We woke up this morning to find the pressure tank leaking. The main shut-off valve for the house's plumbing is where the water comes out of the pressure tank. But I wasn't figuring out how to stop the leak between the well and the shut-off valve. I'm so glad for a plumber that I trust and who was available to come help us this morning. It's so wonderful to be able to trust a carpenter, a plumber, and a car mechanic ... and to know that those three men are able to guide me to trustworthy tradesmen/craftsmen in other areas.

A lot of dust bunnies and cobwebs have been cleared out of the section of the basement that got wet today.

Kids were shown how to shut off the water to the house if they should ever need to know. It's so frustrating to have water coming in and not being able to stop it. But now we all know how.

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