Sunday, November 08, 2009

Egg-Roll Guts

Upon Glenda's request, I shall share one of our favorite things to do with cabbage. It's not much of a recipe. Basically, what I do is make the inside of eggrolls, but I don't put the stir-fry into the [refined] wrappers and deep-fry them.

a little sausage (optional)
oil for stir-frying
an egg or two
some mushroom (optional)
some carrot
some onion
lots of cabbage
ginger, salt, pepper, minced garlic (fresh or dried)
pinch of sugar (optional)
some soy sauce

Stir-fry together some onions and carrots. Usually I slice the onions thinly and then quarter the round slices. I usually matchstick-cut the carrots. But chopped would work. Grated would work. If you've got fresh mushrooms, it's great to add several of them, finely chopped or thinly sliced or grated. I thawed some bulk pork sausage yesterday for a recipe I didn't prepare, so I fried about 3-4 ounces of that in the skillet with the onions.

While stir-frying the onions, beat an egg or two in a small bowl, then pour it into a small skillet and fry it like you were making scrambled eggs, but don't stir them up. Let them cook solid and flat. When cooked through, flip your pancake-shaped egg onto the cutting board. Cut it into slivers, and add it to the veggies when you're adding the spices. (The egg is optional. Lots of times I make it vegetarian.)

After a few minutes of sauteeing the onions, I add slivered (or chopped or grated) cabbage to the big pan. There should a lot more cabbage than onion and carrot. Today I'm using two onions, four carrots, and a medium head of cabbage.

When the veggies are cooked to your satisfaction (which will only take a couple of minutes if you grated them, or maybe 10-15 if they're in larger slices), season with a pinch of ginger, a pinch of black pepper, several pinches of garlic, a touch of red pepper flakes if you want some heat, and some soy sauce. If it tastes like it needs more salt, add some or increase the amount of soy sauce.


  1. This sounds delicious! Thanks for prompting her, Glenda!

  2. Thank you from me too........where's my pen and paper??????

  3. You don't need pen and paper, Karin. Anytime you want to make one of Susan's recipes, just pull up her blog (that's what I do)!

  4. Okay, I'm making this right now. Because I'm lazy, I bought a bag of cole slaw mix at the store. It has green and red cabbage and slivered carrots and broccoli. I didn't use just a little sausage but a lot--a tube of breakfast pork sausage. One onion, ginger, garlic and soy sauce. I haven't put in the egg and mushroom but I tasted it and it's delicious like this! And the pan is too full already. Maybe I will use egg in the future if I don't have any sausage.

    What a yummy, economical meal! Thanks again!