Monday, November 16, 2009

Put the Best Construction on It

There are times when my intuition screams something that is not "putting the best construction on things." Maybe you suspect that harm is intended by somebody. Maybe you are sure that someone is lying to you.

But you tell yourself that you shouldn't be so negative. You tell yourself to give the person a chance. You tell yourself that you've been watching too many detective shows or listening to too many horrific news stories. You try to put yourself in another person's shoes and see what kind of obstacles they're facing or what kind of extenuating circumstances resulted in what appears to you to be cruddy behavior. And you be nice.

And then later, you find out your instincts were right all along.

And then there are all the times your instincts tell you happy things or neutral things that, likewise, turn out to be right. That makes it awfully hard to silence the worries when your intuition kicks in with warning bells.


  1. Wow. You don't know how timely this post was.

  2. But, Jane, what's the solution?