Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Gary and I never had an attic until we moved here. First we lived in apartments. Then the best parsonage in the whole district -- so roomy that we didn't need to store anything in an attic. (I don't even know whether there was one there.) The next parsonage had an attic that was entirely unusable for storage. But this house has nice, simple access to the attic, as well as part of the attic having a floor so that we can put baby toys and the artificial tree and Christmas decorations up there.

Today I was digging through boxes in the attic, looking for the Jesse tree.

Guess what?
Advent candles, stored with the Christmas decorations, do not survive summer well in an attic. And that's even with a cool summer this year.

Yuck! What a mess!


  1. Same with foam and rubber items. I can't put Dad's walker up in the attic because of the foam handles. Cleaned out a space for it in David's closet and now it won't fit. It's about an inch too wide. Guess I'll keep using it for a valet(?) - one of those things to sit your shoes on and hang your clothes on overnight.

  2. Shoot, we could have told you that. Only ours mostly just got distorted in a cool-looking way so we lit them for Hallowe'en (not minding the purple and rose colors).

  3. Yeah, I'm with The Celebrated Author. We have many odd colored/shaped candles as a result of finally having an attic.