Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not Getting What You Pray For

On Thursday before Bible class, as a bunch of us hung around the coffee pot and cookie trays, one of the women brought up a question. Her neighbors have concluded that God must not like them much, since they're having some difficulties and He's not giving them the solutions that they're praying for. She wondered how to respond. Discussion ensued about praying "Thy will be done," about asking for a Rolls Royce, about the theology of the cross, etc.

Pretty soon, Pastor wandered over. She asked him. Before having heard the background to the question, his initial response was, "Prayer is the voice of faith. Are they asking for what faith desires?" He had some other brief comments and questions too, but that one line really says it all. What does faith pray for anyway? God does not indulge our Old Adam in its idolatry and unbelief, but rather gives us what the New Man prays for.

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