Saturday, October 17, 2009


Furnace has been on for two weeks. Last year we didn't flip the switch until the last week of October or early November.

We've had frost nearly every night for a few weeks. We've only had a few days where the high temperature has gone above 50. It's normal now to look out the window at the thermometer in the morning and see a number between 30 and 35. Last year Gary was outdoors, working on finishing the deck, until mid October. This year we can't seem to kick ourselves outdoors to do that final lawn-mowing job of the year -- it's too cold.

Last year, on November 5, Katie and I were sitting outdoors, sunbathing ourselves and sunning newborn Alia to kill off spare bilirubin cells. I am highly skeptical as to whether there will be Indian summer this year showing up before the blankets of snow.

Would you please buy an SUV and drive it on all sorts of unnecessary errands so that we can get some global warming happenin' around here?

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