Saturday, October 17, 2009

Not Applying for the Job

Every Wednesday and every Saturday I look at the ad papers, in case a Just-Right Job should appear in the want ads. This week I thought I saw it. A local restaurant (only four miles from the house) needs a cook, Monday to Thursday lunches, 11-2:00. It's nearby. It's few enough hours. The schedule doesn't interfere with chapel or choir or Gary's evenings/weekends home. It's cooking! At a perfect time! Nearby!

I feel like such a wuss, but I finally decided not to apply. I'm finally beginning to get a handle on life. Things are not spiraling crazily out-of-control. I'm doing what I should be doing with the kids and their schoolwork (well, at least, to some extent). I'm getting a grip on a schedule that recognizes [ta da!] that we eat supper every day. I want to get settled & firm in this before I try to extend myself. I really don't need challenges right now. It bugs me that I feel guilty for being able to cope with life as it stands; if I can handle what I've got on my plate, doesn't that mean I should be taking on more? (My reasonable mind knows the answer to that question, but my gut hollers a different answer.)

So now I have to decide whether I'm going to keep reading the ad-papers. It has crossed my mind that if the job were preparing food I'd want to eat, food for health and superb taste, I'd've been far more likely to apply. But somehow, the idea of heating pre-made soup, grilling burgers, deep-frying cheese curds and mushrooms and french fries and chicken nuggets, etc, just isn't enough to entice me into making the sacrifices I'd need to make for the paycheck. At least, not yet. Now, if I could really cook for people.... hmmm.


  1. One of these days I'll work harder at convincing you that you'd be a great mother's helper someday for 1st time moms coming home with a new baby.

    You could cook GOOD nutritious food! And you wouldn't have to PAY for it, either. :)

  2. That would be a cool job, Jenny! People would pay for that??? Susan...I'd keep looking, however, you do have many vocations that take over, right now, in importance...wife, mother, teacher...if the job doesn't fit, if you're not comfortable, it isn't the right job. Teacher is going to be removed from that list in a few years...then the "work outside the home" option will become more clear. The reason, though, I would still look is because there could be a little part-time job...even one day week, that just might fit with the other things and perhaps get your foot in the door for something in the future.

  3. Jenny, I would LOVE that job. But like Laura, I can't imagine anybody paying for it.

    Laura, I looked in today's paper. What you said (like, about finding a one-day-a-week thing, or something I could do with the kids helping) is the reason I bother to open up the want-ads whenever they come, and stress myself with "Oh, I suppose I could make that work if I had to...." Theoretically, I could operate on the idea that I shouldn't worry about it now, and not eeeeeven think about a job until I don't have the other vocational obligations outweighing paid employment. I could remember that God will provide what we need when we need it, without my worrying about it ahead of time. But there's always that little hope that there will be something in the want-ads that is totally perfect ... like this cooking job would be if it had been at a place where I could make the soup myself, make the salads myself, stir-fry veggies, and serve brown bread and brown rice. With kombucha on the menu. :-)

  4. I think you made the right decision, Susan. It wasn't the right job or the right time. You'll know when it is because you won't have those doubts about applying. You'll just really, really want that job!