Monday, September 07, 2009

Today's Laugh

George was trying to reassert himself as head of the family, king in his home, a strong man. He came home and slammed the door open. His told his wife Trudy that he was the man of the house and his word was it! "I want you to make my supper, a special meal that my mother always made. I expect you to have the newspaper ready for me. Then you better get my shower ready with just the right water temperature. And guess who will have my clothes ready and comb my hair when I get out of the shower?" Trudy quickly answered, "The funeral director."


  1. Where do you get these things? I keep wondering... :-) I really need to get back to reading your blog just for the jokes!

  2. This one was from the local newspaper. They come from a variety of places.

    I wish I could keep them going every day. When I get around to finding jokes, I usually pre-set about a dozen of them to post for a couple of weeks. But then I get busy with housework and schoolwork, and don't keep it up. I wish I had the time to ensure that there was one every single day! I like the laughs.