Tuesday, September 08, 2009


In the ongoing saga of how King David is set up to look like Christ, but not quite ...

In today's story from 1 Samuel 23, David hears about a city of Judah that's in trouble from the Philistines. God tells him to go save the city. David's men are afraid, but God assures them that the enemy will be delivered into their hands. David goes and saves the city.

Saul hears about David's location and goes to capture him. The men of the city are afraid of King Saul. They will hand over David to Saul. How come I never realized before that not only are these David's countrymen, but they had just been rescued by him? And yet, they hand him over to be killed?

What punishment so strange is suffered yonder?
The Shepherd dies for sheep who love to wander.
The Master pays the debt His servants owe Him
who would not know Him.

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