Friday, September 11, 2009

Great Quote

On our way home from APT today, we were listening to Belling. The topic was politics and how we tend to lose objectivity and rationality when it comes to politics; we believe what we believe, we hear what we want to hear, and the facts don't matter much.

As he discussed this "faith" he was trying to explain that we need some logic mixed in with faith. One example was the creation of the world. Some people believe that God created the world in six days. Others believe that the Big Bang started it all. But (as Mark asked), "What banged?" Something had to be there to explode, and logic requires an answer. Mark said that he's a creationist and he believes that God created the world in a week as the Bible describes. He said this is logical for a Christian to believe because ...

Why would God lie to us about how the world began? After all, the Bible is His word, and if the world began via a Big Bang and evolution, then why wouldn't have God said that in the Bible???

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  1. My niece and nephew attend the public high school here in Utah and the school teaches Creation and Big Bang Theory. No more evolution like I had to endure in school. My nephew had to quiz 10 adults on questions related to the Big Bang Theory (and then create a graph). I have no idea what the point was, but when I asked my nephew what HIS answers were to some, I was quite surprised by his responses - coming from a born-in-Lutheran-church-boy. Uummm, maybe all Lutheran churches aren't the same - ya think???