Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Speaking the Truth in Love

This week's [three-year series] epistle was from Ephesians 4. In it we hear about the gospel, and the ministry, and the Church. We hear how the Faith unites the Church, and that God instituted the office of the ministry so that we might not be deceived by false doctrine but be united to Christ and grow closer to Him and one another. Right in the midst of this is the phrase, "Speaking the truth in love."

Usually when I hear people using that phrase, they're in the process of speaking the Law to you, telling you what you need to do to fix yourself and make yourself holier. But, see, they're doing it "in love," so that makes it okay (they say).

When you look at that phrase in the context of the apostle's letter, it doesn't quite come off that way. I guess your perspective kinda depends on what you believe about "the Faith" and "the truth" and what it means to "grow up" into Christ.

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