Monday, August 03, 2009

Away from Home

It seems to have gotten to be so much harder to go on a trip. When the kids were babies, it was a big to-do: play-pen and diapers and blankies and all that. As the kids became more adept at packing their own clothes and amusements, trips became simpler. But now trips are becoming more intimidating again, and I think I've finally figured out why.

It's hard enough at home to keep track of all the piddly daily self-care items. When we're traveling, it's a booger just to remember something as basic as brushing my teeth! But it's almost impossible when I'm away from my kitchen and my home-routine to remember to take my vitamins and my pills, to drink enough water, to say my prayers, to exercise, to neti, etc. Back when I was young [ahem!] I could skip those things with impunity. But old age means
1) you feel it when you forget those things, and
2) everything is so much harder to remember.


  1. My husband has said something similar. He says if he took the time each day to do all the things he would like to do just to take care of his body & health & mind & personal development and well-being the day would almost be over before he got started on the money-making stuff.

    Of course, usually the money-making gets top billing and everything else has to wait. :-(

  2. I often forget the EQUIPMENT. I figure htere's always a WalMart nearby, so, if I forget something, I don't get too tense. But it gives me an excuse to put things off and get inconsistent.
    Now, I don't usually exercise when I'm away, although we're often sightseeing or doing something else active. But I do need my vitamins, meds, etc.
    We visited my cousin last week, and I had forgotten moisturizer. After reminding me that I had done that the LAST time we visited them (oops) she told me that she keeps a travel bag pre-packed with all her regular stuff, so she doesn't have to think about it, just pitches it in. I'm gonna set me up one of them!
    Except now do I have to worry about rotating out the cosmetics, meds, etc, so they don't get stale? :)