Saturday, August 08, 2009

Quick Post on the fly

Been out of town for several days this week at the Wisdom and Eloquence conference in Ft Wayne. I have LOTS and lots of things to "think through" by sitting at the computer writing about them -- mostly about classical ed or certain theological points. Met some great people at the conference and spent some time with old friends too.

While there we also helped load up Katie and Nathan's rental truck for their move to Texas. I would have pictures to post of the friends who helped, but my computer is broken. (I'm borrowing one right now, largely for the sake of letting y'all know why I'm ignoring blogs and emails since Thursday.)

We're supposed to visit the zoo today for the summer outing/picnic for Gary's place of employment. It was drizzly yesterday morning, and has been raining pretty much since early yesterday afternoon. My garden is drenched so I can't do any catch-up work out there anyway. But going to the zoo in a downpour isn't a very exciting proposition either. The weather map makes it look like the afternoon may be okay.

Nathan is in Texas unloading the truck. Katie and Alia are here with us for a couple of days to say their good-byes and also so that I can play catch-up in the kitchen (and apparently not in the garden... darn!) and go to church before we girls take the car to Texas. I'll get to see their new place and then fly home on Wednesday. I flew to Florida when Paul was a baby and to St Louis more than 10 years ago. I'm scared of how to pack post-911 and what they're going to take out of my purse/suitcase and throw in the garbage. Frugal people don't like their shampoo bottles and nail clippers thrown in the garbage!

Hopefully the new computer parts will arrive in the mail by the time I return home and I will be able to return to my computer addiction.


  1. You'll be okay as long as you aren't trying to carry it on. If you're doing a carry on follow the guidelines on the TSA site to the letter.

  2. I agree with Jane, they have enough guidelines online for what can be packed and can't. If it's something you would be upset to lose and you don't know if you can take it on the plane or not it's better not to pack it. Or send it to yourself in the mail or something... I had to do that with a swiss army knife, I had forgotten it was in my backpack and it was given to me by my dad, there was no way I was going to throw it out... so I mailed it home to myself. Have fun flying! and driving!

  3. And if you take a camera, don't pack it -- carry it with you. Ours got stolen out of our luggage the last time I flew.