Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wonder Mop

In need of a new mop about 3 years ago, I finally decided on a Wonder Mop and bought a replacement head when I purchased the mop. Yesterday, I splurged and installed the replacement head. Oops. When I took the new mophead out of the package, I saw the suggestion that the mop should have a new head after about every 50 uses. My old one was used about 200-250 times -- double oops.

I was shocked not only by how much better the new mop cleaned, but also by how quickly the floor dried. I could squeeze a lot more wetness out of the fatter fibers in the mophead. It was so much easier to clean the floor, as well as being more effective at the cleaning.

Okay, sometimes I can be way too penny-pinchy....


  1. does the wondermop do at getting up sticky spots and grimey spots? Will I still need to use my scrubby on the floor first? I need a new mop because WalMart stopped selling replacement heads for the one I bought when we moved in. :/

  2. Isn't it shocking how quickly things like mops get old while we're not noticing? You think of something as "fairly new", or at least not too old, until you stop and calculate. It occurred to me the other day when someone (again) couldn't figure out how to fold up my ironing board. The release is small. Maybe it's sorta broken, but it works if you know where it is. How old is that ironing board? Don't know - but I remember getting it at a garage sale shortly after I got married. :-)

  3. Sandy, your ironing board is practically new. I mean, I just got married a few days ago, and you've only been married a year more than we've been.

    Lauri, when I have a particularly messy spot on the floor, I just get the mop wet, slop the soapy water onto the floor generously there, and then start in another corner of the kitchen, working my way back to that spot. Usually by the time I get there, the sticky stuff comes right up. Because the mop is so absorbent, it's okay to really lay on the water thick and let the cleaning solution soak for a few minutes. When it's been a good long time since I mopped, sometimes I start with a small bucket of soapy water, slop it all over, and then kinda sorta pick up the oocky water with the mop, and then get clean water and do a quicky mop-job. That's easy to do because the fibers are so absorbent and wring-out so dry.

  4. I'm suppose to mop and iron?!?!?!?

  5. Who said you were supposed to iron?