Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Pins

I haven't felt much like blogging. I guess the Triduum and Easter was too intense. (And yes, for you grammarians, that is supposed to be a singular verb, no matter what the computer's grammar-check may say.) If my blog serves as my pensieve, I guess I'm not yet ready to let go of my tight grip on what's in my mind and my heart, setting it aside on paper or cyber-bits of electronic data.

I bought new straight pins. As I was putting together Trial Dress #1 and Trial Dress #2 for Maggie's bridesmaid dress, I noticed that the pins were rough. I never thought of PINS as being something that would wear out. Sure, now and then one will break or bend. But I suppose 25- or 30-yr-old straight pins may get a little rough, especially after sitting in a damp basement for 17 of those years. I didn't want to snag the lovely knit fabric with my not-too-pointed, only-slightly-scuffed/rusted pins. Wow, it sure does make a difference to have pins that sliiiiiide right through the fabric!

This dress is looking lovely so far.


  1. I hope that you take pictures of this dress and show us when you are finished!

  2. I think dresses need pockets. So I'm putting them in even though the pattern doesn't call for it. I thought I knew how to do pockets well enough that I didn't need instructions. But I forgot about dyslexia turning things around in my mind. I spent the last 2.5 hours picking out seams so that I could put the pockets right. Shoot.

    Erin, I haven't tried to download pictures since the computer balked about it a week or so ago. I hope to put a picture up on my blog, but at this point I don't even know whether I can put pictures on the computer at all.

  3. I had hand-me-down pins and needles from my great grandmother - all completely useless even though the package had never been opened. They go dull from sitting, I guess.