Wednesday, April 15, 2009


There was ONE neighbor who pushed a lawnmower. Everyone else owns riding lawnmowers. Yesterday that one push-mower neighbor was giving his kids rides around the yard on his new tractor. That means we're the only ones left poor enough silly enough to attempt mowing a whole acre with a push mower. Sometimes I think we're totally out of our league in living in a house instead of an apartment...


  1. When we lived in Indiana we were the only ones who mowed using a push mower (we had 1.2 acres). There were lots of times people in the neighborhood would stop to talk because it was such a rare sight. We met a lot of people this way. Sometimes neighbors would ride their lawn tractors over to talk a little and then would mow our lawn for us because they felt sorry for my dh :P The push mower just sits under our deck here because there is no grass to mow in the desert!

  2. We have just about an acre Susan and have push mowers. We just keep getting the repaired. :) Dh says it is good work for him and the boys. They mow a portion each nice day. We had a rider at one point, a gift of course, but our property is not flat and it somehow got damaged beyond repair because of it.